Why Exhibit

Why Exhibit

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Are you looking for a world-class platform to promote your company or product? Do you want your brand to be associated with the leading players in the yachting, maritime and lifestyle industries? From brand visibility to credibility, exhibiting at the Singapore Yachting Festival affords you and your business many benefits. 



Whether you’re looking to establish your presence in the region or expand into a new market, the Singapore Yachting Festival provides a powerful platform for your company to meet new customers or reach out to your existing clientele within a qualified audience.

Who else Exhibits?

While yachts are the centre piece, the event lays a platform for related products

Marine brands, dealers, brokers and local service providers to both new and existing industry contacts, marine exhibits are further complemented by the latest property developments as well as a wide range of lifestyle products, including cars, fashion and watersports

Display berths

Yacht and boat displays.


ONE°15 Marina Sentosa Cove is an ideal venue to host such an event with the marina basin surrounded by busy restaurants. Taking up the Docks B through to E, a whole array of boat sizes are will fit in the area.

Floating Booths

Booths on water.


Bringing everyone closer to the action, floating booths are right next to yacht displays and offer a complementary aspect to exhibiting


Private and shared booths


  • Option 1 – Raw Space
  • Option 2 – Open with roof
  • Option 3 – Glass Enclosed

Become An Exhibitor

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