Singapore Yachting Festival Sponsors Grow Boating Singapore

Grow Boating Singapore is a meet-up of boating industry professionals who have an interest in developing the boating scene in Singapore.


Alternating between different marinas in Singapore, the evening will have a light buffet and drinks sponsored by boating businesses in Singapore.


Singapore Yachting Festival Presentation

  • Schedule
  • Layout
  • Visitor Experience
  • Highlights
  • How to be involved


Who will be there


What to expect

  • 5pm – 7pm
  • light buffet and free drink tokens
  • Networking
  • Presentation by venue and sponsors


The Singapore boating community has developed exponentially over the past 2 years, in many ways COVID restrictions were a major driver for people to get back into boating or to start boating for the first time. Although there are more boats in the marinas, more people on the water, and more companies making better money than before, the industry itself is still hampered by a lack of industry leadership, clear communication, and investment in parts and service.


This is all starting to be desperately needed to develop new talent, set industry standards and ensure that there is business ecosystem for the boating community. When it comes to regulation, training, and service for the boating industry we are currently unable to access the various government agencies that manage port waters, immigration, manpower, and land which continues to hamper the viability of the industry.


With Grow Boating Singapore, we hope this will encourage a collective voice and fair explanation of current industry issues, of which Singapore Boating Industry Association or other boating associations can approach the relevant government agencies and other industry bodies with a collective voice to be involved in policy, safety, promotion and communications

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