Max. Speed50


With its gorgeous looks, cutting-edge technology and mesmerizing performance, this 28-foot BRABUS Shadow 500 Cabin provides just the right ingredients for your tailor-made, high-octane marine adventure. Reveal your personality to the world by imparting your own taste and charisma in this stunning and exceptionally fast 50+knots coast-to-coast commuter and adventurous shadow boat for a guaranteed wow-effect. Set course for unlimited adventure.


The Shadow 500 Cabin offers one of the most thrilling driving experiences, best handling and most seaworthy hulls in this size range and it is equally capable working as a comfortable luxurious day-cruiser, a true workhorse, a thrill-seeker for speed lovers, a dive-excursion boat, water-sports boat or sports-fishing boat.

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Hakan Lange


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