Fischer Panda

Fischer Panda generators are the ideal choice when it comes to professionalism in the sailing and motorboat sectors. Fischer Panda generators are compact, light, quiet and extremely efficient. The unit is located in a sound insulation capsule, which suppresses noise and vibrations during operation. This means that when installed correctly, the generator runs almost unnoticed. A quiet generator is essential for a pleasant driving experience.


Since Fischer Panda, in contrast to most competitors, offers 100% water cooling, i.e. the diesel engine and generator are water-cooled, The units can be made significantly smaller because they do not require any ambient air for cooling. The other main advantage of the Fischer Panda generators is that they operate at 3,000 rpm without reducing the service life. This also leads to significantly smaller dimensions.


The primary driver for most generator sales for marine customers in our region is to run air conditioning and refrigeration.  With the addition of the Climma and Frigoboat ranges from Veco we are now able to offer complete packages.  An ideal complimentary product range for our marine customers.


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